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Moms Who Run Club

24 Oct Moms Who Run Club

IMG_0636I am so excited to be launching my first online running group! After talking to many of you and listening to your suggestions I will be launching a new group exclusively for us moms who love to run.

Whether you are a beginner or a veteran runner, this group is for you!

What will you get?

Weekly emails with:

  • training tips
  • workout ideas
  • pre/post run snack and meal options
  • meal plans with grocery lists
  • stretches specifically for runners
  • cross training ideas
  • tips on how to balance life and running
  • and more!

Access to a private Run Club Facebook group:

This group will be a place for us to seek motivation, stay accountable, celebrate our victories, support through the bad runs, and everything in between!


The group will kick off on Monday, November 3rd  and run through the end of December (8 weeks total).


All communication will take place via email and through the private Facebook group.


Because as Moms who are trying to juggle a healthy lifestyle and all the demands that come with being a mom, we sometimes need a little extra motivation to get out there and run, especially during the cold months.

Because when you are part of a group of like minded people with the same interests and goals, you are more likely to succeed.

Because let’s be honest, the fall and winter can be cold and dreary and easy to stay on the couch! If we are in it together, we are more likely to get outside and get it done.

Since the program will take time and resources on my end there will be a small fee of just $29.99. I really want to keep it affordable and accessible for you.

Why $29.99?

Because when you put skin in the game you are more likely to stick to it. It also covers my time and the effort I put in for each and all of my clients.

It will also cover some of the goodies you will be receiving throughout our time together that all Mother Runners will enjoy!

Get healthy, talk about running and make new friends…everyone wins!