Abby Veigel Wellness | How I Lost 150 lbs and Kept it Off!
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How I Lost 150 lbs and Kept it Off!

20 Aug How I Lost 150 lbs and Kept it Off!


What makes me qualified to give coach others about losing weight besides my certification?


How about real life experience? Yep, you heard it right.

Fitness and clean eating haven’t always been a part of my life.

Frozen pizzas and endless hours on the coach were part of my life longer than running and kale have been.

3 years ago, I stepped on the scale and weighed close to 300 lbs.

It was then that I knew that if I didn’t make a lifestyle change, my two young girls would grow up without a mother.

How did I get to weigh 300 lbs?

I ate food and a lot of it to deal with my emotions.

Greasy, fattening food gave me the happiness that I needed that I was blocking from the rest of my life.

Sure, I had many people and things in my life that should have made me happy but I didn’t let them. Instead, I turned to food.

I was very athletic in high school (which happens to be where I met my hubby), and never had a weight issue.

It wasn’t until I discovered college cafeteria food and of course the choice of beverages for most college aged kids that I started putting on the weight.

My career in sports came to an end and eating and drinking took its place.

I remember getting on the scale in our fitness center absolutely clueless about how much I weighed and when it said 220 I instantly jumped off and held back the tears until I was alone in my room.

I had gained 80 lbs in 4 short years and I didn’t even know it.

I married my high school sweetheart Bill one month after I graduated collegeĀ and we settled into our new life together in Pittsburgh, PA.

I had no idea how to cook but I quickly learned the way to my husband’s heart was through food. Unfortunately, we didn’t know what good food was back then.

Our idea of a good meal was mini hot dogs doused in bbq sauce and crinkle cut fries. We now look back on the meals and just laugh.

Fast forward a few years, our eating habits hadn’t changed but I am now expecting our first child. I was hands down the type of pregnant woman who thinks that she is eating for “two” and whatever sounds good is totally acceptable.

When I went to my 30 week appt, my doctor informed that I had preeclampsia and would be put on immediate bed rest.

This came out of nowhere and was a shock to both of us.

It got worse very quickly and at 32 weeks I was taken by ambulance to be put on hospital bed rest. I was able to make it 4 days before the doctors told me I could die any minute if they didn’t deliver her via c-section immediately.

That whole time I kept thinking, “this is my fault.” I didn’t take care of myself and my weight is to blame.

My daughter was born 7 1/2 weeks early at 4 lbs 15 oz and because of God’s blessings had no complications and came home with us 4 days later.


I wish I could say that right then is when I decided to change my lifestyle but it wasn’t. I quickly turned to food again as I dealt with the emotions of being a new mother and sleepless nights.

As Addison became mobile I quickly realized that I had to do something because I wasn’t able to keep up with her.

It was then that I decided to try and get healthy.

I downloaded myfitness pal and bought a pair of running shoes.

Within the next year, I had completed the couch to 5k program and lost 100 lbs!

Then as luck would have it, I found myself expecting my 2nd child.

Being 100 lbs lighter and scared to develop preeclampsia again I stayed active through this pregnancy but my nutrition again was awful. \

When the nurse weighed me the day I gave birth to her I remember looking at my husband and promising him I would never weigh that again.

I begged my doctor at 6 weeks post partum to let me start running and they allowed.

I started and never looked back.

I lost 100 lbs that first year after having my 2nd daughter and have said goodbye to the pounds forever.

So how did I lose the 100 lbs and 40 more?

Two simple phrases, “clean eating” and “daily exercise.”

It’s no secret.

I’m sure you’ve read hundreds of articles and they all say the same thing. The secret is finding your “why” and constantly reminding yourself of it when you want to quit.

I started running and would run until I needed to walk.

I slowly built up to a mile, and then 2 miles and so on. When my 2nd daughter was 3 months old, my mom signed me up for my 1st marathon!

It was going to be her last and my first and it was our dream to run and finish one together!

That gave me no chance to stop running! I dove into training for that and loved it. It was through marathon training that I discovered the importance of good nutrition.

While losing 100 lbs, I had survived on fat free foods and 100 calorie snacks.

That is not the kind of fuel that was going to get me through 10-20 mile runs while training!

I stumbled on and took their 10 day clean eating challenge and was hooked!

I continued to eat “real” foods while still using Myfitnesspal and running and the weight came off steadily every week.

My daily intake of food now consists of my daily Shakeology, huge salads, veggie burgers, quinoa, fresh nut butters and fruit.


On June 17, 2012, hand in hand I crossed the finish line of the Canton Marathon with my Mom and it was at the moment I knew that I had changed my lifestyle forever.

I finally felt like a “runner” and a healthy person.

I had ran 26.2 freaking miles and I didn’t die!

From then on, I have continued to train for multiple half marathons, 1 full marathon and countless 5k’s. Running is a part of who I am and clean eating comes naturally to me.

How can I help you?

After the marathon I decided to pay it forward to others and become a Beachbody Coach to help others like myself on their journey.

I am in love with their at home fitness programs and use them as cross training for my running.

Like I said earlier, Shakeology is a part of my daily nutrition intake and the benefits it provides my body are countless.

Being a Beachbody coach has allowed me to provide for my family and stay at home with my daughters but I feel like there are more ways for me to help others.

I decided to go back to school to become a certified health and wellness coach.

My studies at IIN have educated me on various nutrition theories and also opened my eyes to taking an holistic approach on health. It’s my dream to help others not only change the number on the scale but to truly become a healthier and happier person inside and out.

If you have been struggling with weight loss and health in general, please contact me so we can schedule a time to talk! Life is too short to be anything but happy!