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Closing Doors

10 Aug Closing Doors

A wise and good friend once told me ” Sometimes you have to close all your doors and allow God to open the right ones back up!” If you know me, then you know my weakness is the ability to say no. If you ask me for something, the answer is yes. Need something done, I’ll drop everything and do it for you. I choose to look at it as a strength, but in reality…it’s a weakness.

A few months ago, my inability to say no caught up to me. I was running on fumes trying to work my full time job, teach classes at the gym, do nutrition coaching, run the family ministry program at church, be PTA president, and of course, be a mom and wife. I was giving every duty and every person 10% of me and I was failing. The failures led to sleepless nights, health problems and weight gain. It led to tears, breakdowns and darkness.

During our small marriage group, I confessed I couldn’t keep living this life. That’s when that wise friend spoke up and said “shut all your doors.” This was hard for the person who can’t say no. I didn’t want to let anyone down but deep down I knew I had to do it.

Summer break came for my kids and I decided that I was doing to put them first. I took a break from coaching classes at the gym, stepped away from nutrition coaching, and resigned from my role at the church. I love my full time job and it helps pay the bills so that stayed but other than that, it was just my kids and husband that got my attention.

The last 3 months have brought so much clarity and peace into my life. I feel like I’m finding the old Abby again and I’m letting God open doors back up.

This blog, is a door I feel like he’s re-opening. I have a passion for sharing all things health and fitness related with you so that’s what I’m doing to do. In 2 weeks, I’ll be back at the gym. I’ll be back to sharing my best tips on living your best life.

For those of you who stuck around while I closed doors…thank you! For those that might be new here…I hope you find one thing that makes you a happier and healthier you!


Yours in health,