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40 Days without…..

01 Mar 40 Days without…..


It’s Ash Wednesday, which for most mean that they will be giving up things that they really enjoy the next 40 days. I am not Catholic but I believe in Jesus Christ and I believe that we can learn a lot from the Lenten Season no matter what denomination we are.  I believe that it can help us see where our wants have become distorted into needs. It can help us confront our weaknesses or it can help us practice “letting go.” Whatever you choose to “give up” during Lent, I pray that it deepens your relationship with Christ.

My wonderful sister in law Emily, surprised me with a gift in the mail last week and it was a Lent Devotional called “Put on Love.” After reading it today I was called to just sit quietly for a few hours and actually be “still” and listen to what God was putting on my heart. I will admit that I often selfishly pray my wants and needs but I don’t hang around long enough to hear his answer. If you follow my social media platforms than you know that my families recent move to a new state has me struggling emotionally, mentally and physically. Instead of spending more time in His word and in prayer, I spent less time. Instead of working out which I know alleviates stress for me, I sat on the couch more. This morning during my quiet time of reflection I kept hearing the words discipline, obedience and distractions. He is showing me the way out of the dark and into the light, Which leads to me to why you are reading this post….

For the next 40 days,

I will be going WITHOUT worry, distractions, and complaints. Giving up chocolate or chips would be easy for me. Giving up my negative attitude…that’s going to be hard but it will be the one thing that will bring me closer to Christ. What does this look like in my world? It means very limited social media. I don’t want to give up my social media outlet all together because I enjoy sharing my journey with all of you and sharing my kids memories with my family and friends but instead of spending countless hours of scrolling through my Facebook feed and seeing all of the stories of sick kids (hello anxiety), I will be diving into personal development and spending time with my family. Instead of looking at my phone immediately when I wake up, I will read my devotionals and have my quiet time. Instead of scrolling instagram at a stoplight, I will pray for those that I’ve promised I would lift up in prayer. Are these all things I should already be doing? YES, but just like those people who are giving up drinking “pop” for 40 days, we all struggle to do what’s right on a daily basis and Lent is a time to work on these things.

For the next 40 days,

I will be filling my life WITH hope, joy and trust. You may think this is easy but trust me, it won’t be for me. I plan to do this by being obedient and discipline with the following habits: daily exercise (you will see 40 sweaty selfies from me…guaranteed), morning quiet time without distractions (I’m going to an extreme on this one and I’ll share with you how in a few days) and putting my phone in a drawer from dinner to bedtime (this one will be the hardest.)

If you have ever felt like you haven’t “gotten anything” from Lent, I urge you to take this journey with me. Lent is not supposed to be a diet or a self improvement project. Lent is a promise to walk with Jesus even in the darkest of times. Lent is about our relationship with Christ, in good times and in bad.

“Life will test our love; Lent allows us to promise, each year, that will try and hold on.”